With the world opening up their venues to the public, sponsors can start to re-imagine their digital branding possibilities for the perfect Guest Selfie and digital takeaway to share on social that is a 100-percent Touch Free Guest Experience!

The Small & Mighty 8CAMPOD specializes in frozen lightpainting captures, green screen composition content, with added AR effects. This portable, mobile and 100% self-contained Big Freeze array packs a huge punch into a compact 2x2 footprint.

Don’t let the size fool you, 8CAMPOD still brings the same lightning fast, branded and epic digital content you expect from The Big Freeze family of camera systems.

8CAMPOD creates automated frozen moments giving you full reign over where the 8CAMPOD takes you and your guests.

We can take you to any location, space or time you desire, or even enhance your current world. Light sticks are available to users to create the engaging painted light effects, while frozen in action. With 8CAMPOD, we allow enough time during the capture for the guests to light-write any brand, phrase or design. 8CAMPOD takes your brand campaign to the next level.

8CAMPOD is ready for your next legendary event. The sleek and innovative design makes it a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor venues, and provides guests not only with a fun and engaging experience, but also with a no-contact takeaway. Guests register with our Touch Free Registration, and their branded digital capture is sent in a snap to be shared with friends, family and fans near and far.

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Check out the demos below to catch a glimpse of what 8CAMPOD can do for your brand!

8CAMPOD light painting demo

8CAMPOD Green Screen demo

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