Xerox has always been a powerful name in imaging and technology. So when we were approached to take part in a series of promotions with the powerhouse print company, the only question we had was why hadn’t we done this before?

On our first leg of the Xerox tour, we took to Toronto to invite attendees and athletes of The Rogers Cup to jump around and enjoy our Big Freeze experience. It was a huge project with tons of friendly and exciting faces

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including Francesca Schiavone, who went on to take second place!



After that we set off for Rochester New York where every year in June the streets erupt in the soulful energy of Jazz and improvised celebration for the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival.We photographed many wonderful jazz guests as they enjoyed props and instruments inspired by the festival itself. It was an incredible 10 day event and a fantastic opportunity to show off what innovators in image technology can do when they put their heads together.



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