Toyota: Like You’ve Never Seen It

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When we got an offer to come shoot in Canada with Toyota we had no idea the scale they were dreaming this project to be. It was truly something we had ‘never seen before’.


What they had in mind for this commercial was the grandest scale of camerawork the industry had available. This spot was all about ‘seeing’; from remote controlled race-cars to helicopters, parachutes, high speed rail cameras and even a GoPro mounted turtle, Toyota pulled all the stops on this production and in the end we collaborated to create an amazing commercial full of all the incredible behind the scenes filmmaking and technologies most people don’t normally get to see.

image 4 cams in a row image 10 car rain

For our end of it we erected a rain tower and a horizontal line of Freeze cameras and created a frozen track shot as this incredible car burst through halted raindrops. See it for yourself, and ask yourself if you’ve ever seen anything quite like it before.