Memorial Hermann Super Bowl Tiny World

MH Set Up

The Big Freeze is proud to present our newest enterprise, Big Freeze Tiny World! The unique, 6-ft wide, dome-topped array is encapsulated with a seamless compositing screen, enabling us to create a backdrop attuned to any and every wild imagination. Tiny World made its debut at Super Bowl LIVE, a ten-day, fan-centric celebration of Super Bowl LI, hosted in Downtown Houston, Texas at Discovery Green. Fans were delighted to enter the system in curiosity, and leave with a one-of-a-kind image from their very own Tiny World. As guests danced, hopped and twirled in the array, our innovative 3D composited world was being digitally inserted into their effects, all in live time. Visitors were tickled to check out their 360°s, captivated by their personalized image within a 3D graphic model of downtown Houston, with the one and only Memorial Hermann as the visual spotlight. The custom fish-eye viewpoint gives a fascinating twist on the typical 360° frozen motion effect. While the Houston skyline was a huge hit in the Super Bowl fan village, with over 47,000 page views, Big Freeze Tiny World is entirely customizable based on the desires of each individual client. Tiny World may be tiny, but it certainly packs a Big Freeze punch.