Suja Juice

Suja Rock’n’Roll Marathon San Diego Notorious as one of the most animated, rabble-rousing races worldwide, the Suja Rock’n’Roll Marathon San Diego invited The Big Freeze to be an entertaining and boisterous post-race attraction! Partnering with the delicious, San-Diego based juice brand, SUJA, The Big Freeze brought some serious joy and excitement to the nearly 27,000 empowered race participants, simultaneously displaying incredible brand exposure for the race sponsors. In order to make our space larger-than-life, we created a custom system, containing 48 DSLR cameras on a sloped, curved truss. The results were luminous moments in frozen motion, truly capturing the powerfully spirited event. Engaging props were provided for the guests of the system, including trampolines, giant topical hand signs, floaties and more, to ensure that each visitor could customize their interplay, creating a one-of-a-kind interactive system experience. Custom hashtags and an online gallery made guest images easily accessible, allowing for immediate, widespread social sharing by participants and race sponsors who were eager to share their race-day memories. This fun, unique system proved to be a wonderful compliment to the participants’ incredible job well done!