PACSCI360 email blast image

The Big Freeze Worldwide has always been about finding a new way of looking at things. So when we set out to see ourselves from a new perspective, we discovered something incredible. ‘Podcam’ is our latest development and a treat to talk about.

The Podcam is a permanent fixture of our freeze system. These are the photo booths of the future; a state-of-the-art experience you’ll never forget. Currently available at the PACSI Science Center in Seattle and the Connecticut Science Center for anyone who wishes to make their visit that much more unforgettable are two permanent Big Freeze rigs packed with 48 cameras all primed to snap your photo in stunning 360. What sets them apart from our other rigs is that they’re completely illuminated with LED backgrounds that create images that can set you anywhere from the surface of the moon to the depths of the ocean.

In our new Podcam  you’re only limited to your own imagination for what you can do. The possibilities are endless and the moments are priceless.