Nissan Nismo

On a gray, rainy day in Austin, 72 Big Freeze cameras are set on an arc, and low on the Race Track. It’s a dramatic, captured effect, ramping down the speed of spinning tires and disclosing clouds of rain, hanging frozen in time.

Nissan’s newest Race car, the GT-R LM NIZMO LM P1 was the hero of this production. When this race car accelerates, the engine transfers force to the tires, pushing backward against the track. When track and tire force push against each other, the lighter object moves faster and faster.

To slow it down, Big Freeze used it’s unique techniques and advanced software technology to capture Newton’s Laws of Motion on this Formula 1 track. Time flies when you are having fun!

NISSAN Big Freeze Big Block email2

Nissan 2 IMG_7078