Nikon Axis


The Big Freeze Worldwide Presents: AXIS !

The Big Freeze is proud to welcome AXIS to our prolific lineup of custom camera array systems. Launched at the acclaimed CES 2017, AXIS served as an epic attraction for over 165,000 attendees and thousands of exhibitors for the week of January 5-8. We partnered with Nikon for the event to showcase the boundless capabilities of the incredible new AXIS.

While AXIS is proficient at the virtual camera capabilities performed by the single-array Big Freeze systems, the newest array’s intelligence travels above and beyond. AXIS uses 3 tiers of cameras, with camera counts ranging from 72 to 144 cameras, to capture 3 unique points-of-view for each individual snap. This technology allows for trailblazing interactive features, as each guest is able to swipe up, down and all around as they view their images on their smart device, showing a frame-accurate rotation from any of the POV captures.

Social media has echoed the CES excitement, with nearly 60,000 page views and over 5,000 individual shares and counting, the buzz spreads far and wide beyond the convention as guests continue to enjoy our fast, effortless and straightforward social media sharing features.