Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

The Kids Choice Awards is not a typical award show. With guests like Adam Sandler, Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock and Katie Perry present, it’s got all the excitement of a Red Carpet affair, but with the energy and heartful humor of youth. That said when Nickelodeon came to us with the idea to take their infamous ‘Sliming’ where they dump buckets of green slime on people (Always gives the kids a giggle) to the next level we had no idea what to expect. But needless to say: we were happy to oblige.

Nick Kids Choice 2013  Nick Kids Choice 2013-image


We assembled our 48 camera rig and sailed the entire array to the ceiling and then tucked our entire crew into the catwalk above the stage. Then we mounted the array on a raising and lowering apparatus to grab stunning 360’s from the audience and the actors getting completely doused in slimey hilarious muck.

And after all it turned out that watching America’s most glamorous being showered in ooze in pristine 360 was just as exciting for us as it was for the millions of screaming fans watching. The images came out amazing and the reactions were priceless, which got us thinking: maybe we’ll have to give this slime thing a try on our own shoots in the future.

Nick Kids Choice 2013-image_13 Nick Kids Choice 2013-image_44