NHL Playoffs

It is the most-travelled championship trophy in the world and The Big Freeze was there fluently capturing powered flight around the cup on a sheet of ice! Among the traditions (or rather superstitions) that are prevalent among today’s NHL players, is that no player should touch the Cup itself until his team has rightfully won the Cup. We brought this legend to the screen, capturing desire for the cup, in frozen action around it! Our technology renders the power and curvature of these magnificent athletes into ballerina grace around the much sought after Stanley Cup before the finals. After many successful NHL shoots, we have become skillful artisans, using our Big Freeze cameras and computers on the ice. Monitoring moisture and frigid temperatures, selecting the correct lens and frames, Big Freeze captures that perfect special effect to share with Hockey Fans worldwide.

Player, Puck, Stick, Skates, The Cup… The Big Freeze!