NBA Playermetrics

When your drafting for the most incredible athletes in the world, the devil’s in the details. In the hyper-competitive selection process, the goal is drafting a player that’s close to flawless. The last thing this industry needs is to miss out on a star because they didn’t have access to the most thorough and picturesque photographic imaging equipment available.

For our friends coordinating the NBA draft we set up at the JW Marriot in Chicago to develop the most comprehensive, advanced, and just honestly cool Draft Player Statistics System developed to date, aptly titled: Playermetrics.

For it we took captures from head to two of NCAA’s finest to offer thorough coverage of each player’s powerful physique and form to deliver an incredibly futuristic way to compare these players. Using both virtual motion to showcase their incredible athletic talents, and pure captures to offer a clean portrait of the athletes physique and stature, The Big Freeze and The NBA Draft collaborated to create the most detailed and otherwise divine presentation of the NBA to date.