MasterCard Red Carpet

Big Dreams do come true with The Big Freeze. As seen in our leading-edge partnership with MasterCard at the Rock the Red Carpet event! At four fabulous locations across TinselTown, including Venice, Calabasas, Capitol Records and Hollywood all during the week leading up to the Grammy’s. MasterCard’s customer contest winners were transformed by glam squads into award-ceremony-worthy couture, hair and makeup. Guests were able to literally walk in their favorite celebrity’s shoes, down the Red Carpet, rubbing elbows with their favorite Hollywood stars. Not only were the contest winners able to experience the rush and pandemonium of the Red Carpet paparazzi, they also got the opportunity to suspend themselves in frozen motion with The Big Freeze! Our custom-built, smooth curve system, equipped with 24 cameras, allowed the guests a truly one-of-a-kind celebrity moment. Customers and celebs alike were captured in our innovative and stunning images, and then shared across social media platforms in an instant. This truly avant-garde client experience was a huge success, and we Rocked the Red Carpet all the way up to the 58th Grammy Awards!

MasterCard Big Freeze