Krump & Ballet

Dance is one of the most powerful art forms out there. So when Visionary director Ryan Enn Hughes from Canada approached us with a unique idea to employ a 48-camera array to capture premier ballet dancers and incredible Krump style dancers in frozen 360 we couldn’t resist. So we gleefully shipped off to Toronto Canada to begin work on what is now called ‘The 360 Project.’

We called on performers from Canada’s exceptional National Ballet School and on members of the incredible Northbuck Krump for some of the most talented dancers in their fields and then assembled 4 large walls of black velvet and shot with synchronized overhead photographic strobe lights for a uniquely dramatic tone and strikingly vivid colors. This added an elegant touch to the final product and highlighted the power that comes with seeing every angle of a dancer frozen in time.

The result was two videos (1 for each style of dance) cut to music and sound effects from the very talented Zelig Sound to create a heart pumping portrait of performers vanishing and appearing like souls on a turntable. The project has since been awarded the title of Vimeo Staff Pick and has found a very proud home in our reel.