Kia Cadenza


Lights, Camera… Action! The Big Freeze teamed up with Kia Motors to deliver an avant-garde and imaginative film noir-inspired set to debut the new Kia Cadenza and celebrate The New York Times Magazine L.A. Noir themed Great Performers 2016 issue. The innovative experience was constructed to surround each guest and viewer with an Old Hollywood style movie set. Our custom-built, 3-section system was equipped with twelve cameras and designed with a Big Freeze Virtual Camera setting which composed a charming, period-inspired stop motion effect. The set was engineered at a lower height to enable a capture right in the thick of the action, adding to the film noir grandeur of the event. 1940’s-inspired costuming and props were available to the stars of the scene to ensure their seamless coordination within the unique vintage experience. A marquee mounted within the set broadcasted each guest’s name with a movie-like flair as they posed and preened, assuring that every visitor experienced their due bask in the limelight. Our quick and user-friendly social sharing accessibility allowed for event-goers to instantly share their experience far and wide across the social media universe. L.A. Noir glamour and magic abound, this set has settled that vintage is a great look for The Big Freeze.