Jeep on the Rocks

The Big Freeze was honored to join Jeep and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater to celebrate 75 years of Jeep and Red Rocks. One of the most beautiful concert venues in the world, and once listed as a Seven Wonder, Red Rocks has hosted music’s most renowned acts, including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and U2, and now The Big Freeze can be a part of that long list of music royalty. Bands Bastille and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness drew an excited and effervescent crowd as we celebrated the summer concert series. We created an epic 48-camera, 180-degree, 20-foot diameter array, positioned on a ramp angle from 8-feet to 2-feet to capture all of the magnificent detail of the natural wonder surrounding us. Guests bounced and flipped alongside a rugged white 75th Anniversary edition Jeep Wrangler jutting out against a backdrop of dramatic, towering, red sandstone rocks. As fast as the sweet sounds of music travelled throughout the acoustically perfect amphitheater, visitor captures travelled to the corners of the world with our easily accessible and instant social sharing options. Page views from the event are over 5,000 and counting, and fans are still sharing their Big Freeze experience with their favorite social media platforms, helping us affirm the majesty of the event.