Jeep On The Rocks 2017

Red Rocks Amphitheater, once listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the ultimate backdrop for The Big Freeze system. Mind-blowing red sandstone cliffs, thousands of feet high, surround the national historic landmark, so ExperienceSix and The Big Freeze created an immersive guest destination that united the majesty of mother nature with the innovation of our 180° frozen motion technology. Pumped and exuberant, 21st Century rock legend band Weezer fans poured into the Jeep-branded Red Rocks experience, ready to flip, kick and rock out for the 48-camera, custom-built Big Freeze system. The animated crowd was ablaze, posting and sharing their unique content across all social media platforms, gaining an impressive 46 page visits per share, and sharing close to 600 captures from the event URL alone. Fans continue to share their branded images all over social media, reliving their epic experience for weeks, months, even years to come!



Jeep on the Rocks Panoramic.jpg Jeep 2017 RED Rocks 1