Hyundai: PYL

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Hyundai’s new line of hatchback:the PYL is all about standing out. With vivid and unique colors, loud and powerful speakers, and a unique body design Hyundai strives for a clientele that strives to be different. So when Hyundai decided they wanted to create a commercial as unique as their PYL they reached out to us.

For our expertise, Hyundai asked us to create high-energy ‘Virtual Dolly’ and ‘Frozen Motion’ set-ups to be stitched in to a final high-energy commercial to really capture the stunning range of color and personality in their latest line of PYL model hatchback.

Needless to say capturing a moving car amongst falling raindrops in perfect clarity is no easy task. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to work with a solid team that understands the importance of meticulous planning. We drew out every shot, measured out every detail and prepared during frequent tech scouts to ensure we would be completely ready for the incredible challenge ahead of us.


Our set was on a windy coastal road wrapped around Point Loma in San Diego, CA. It was a beautiful view and a dream location but just like any other shoot, we faced our share of problems. Last minute changes are bound to happen and sudden heat waves always catch you off guard, but as always we took to the occasion and accomplished something amazing. Just like a Hyundai we love to stand out and we perform best when we are driven.