Final Four 2017


The NCAA Final Four is the epic conclusion to March Madness, one of the most celebrated annual sporting events in the United States. With a colossal fan base and constant media coverage, guests far and wide flock to the acclaimed event, both in-person and through buzzing social media channels. The Big Freeze was thrilled to see a huge chunk of the action at the Final Four Fan Fest! We created a 15-foot, 24-camera system, which produced a roomy interior for an ample amount of cunning ball play for the guest, and a wealth of branding space for the client. Our custom-built, boldly branded acrylic walls were designed with perforated vinyl, enabling both guests inside and outside the setup to experience the action happening within the enclosed system. Fans were able to strut their stuff in style, busting out their most impressive basketball skills as The Big Freeze system immortalized their swagger in stunning 360° frozen motion. As soon as each of the thousands of guests captured stepped out of the system, they were zealously utilizing our user-friendly share options to get their one-of-a-kind image out to their followers.