Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is about making a statement; it’s about having the freedom to be a dancer, a performer, and a student all at once. So when one of the most dynamic shoe companies in the world wanted to capture the excitement of youth with equally exciting and high-energy footage, we jumped at the assignment.

The goal of their Back-to school spot (Called ‘Make Today Famous,’) was to show kids that no matter how incredible their lifestyle is, “we’ve got shoes to keep up”. So we set out to find incredible performers in music, dance, cheerleading, and BMX to show off and then captured amazing moments at the peak of their performances. The final product was a gripping TV spot full of powerful virtual camera moves, electrifying frozen leaps, water spouts and cascading playing cards, all with the effort of making every moment as exciting, unique, and enjoyable as a Famous Footwear experience.