ESPY Awards 2019

FreezeBOT, Outstanding Performance!

The Big Freeze joined the 2019 ESPN ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) red carpet to celebrate all of this year’s shining stars in sports!

This year’s red carpet called for vision and innovation, and The Big Freeze delivered with FreezeBOT, our multi-action high-speed capturing robotic camera system. FreezeBOT, with a radius of 7 feet and standing at 8.5 feet tall, offers state-of-the-art 6-axis robotic video capture technology. Custom programming creates FreezeBOT choreography to high-speed capture 240 frames per second, which allows for the dramatic slow motion video effects. Never tiring, our FreezeBOT captured over 200 amazing athletes who walked into our stage to show us their best moves. The NHL’s Blues to Rob Gronkowski, genius footwork to golf swings, all were captured at high-speed and turned into stunning slow motion video effects, which were then sent straight to broadcast and the guest.

To deliver the effects, we handed each celeb a beautifully designed and branded QR card to scan with their mobile device, which would then immediately display their custom capture. Capital One, the sponsor of our ESPY red carpet FreezeBOT, was thrilled with the instantly shareable and branded asset. And share they did! Captures were shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, with some videos garnishing over 800,000 views apiece.

There may be lots of bots, but there is only one FreezeBOT and it ruled the red carpet! With an event-friendly design, using only house power and small footprint, and programmable with any imaginable move, freezeBOT packs an epic punch.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can create high voltage branded entertainment for your next event or commercial shoot!