Sexy, sophisticated and sultry, The Big Freeze’s newest collaboration with the legendary ESPN does not fail to deliver. We designed and built a custom, 3-tiered camera array, equipped with 72 Nikon D750 cameras utilizing a variety of Nikkor lenses. Over the course of two days, we captured incredible shots using inventive lighting and controlled timing for various special effects to deliver frozen motion images that are so multi-dimensional, the viewer is tempted to reach out and touch. The BODY360 was debuted in the highly-anticipated ESPN Body Issue, and displayed a visually stunning gallery of two of today’s most accomplished athletes, Emma Coburn and Von Miller, stripped down to the bare essentials. Coburn, a track and field Olympic athlete and the fastest American in history in the 3000-meter Steeplechase, leaps and bounds with smoke at her back, allowing audiences to actually visualize her sheer force and strength. NFL outside linebacker and 2016 Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller is a brilliant study in musculature, with a dramatic backdrop and lighting arrangement emphasizing his every definition. The gallery of images is displayed with interactive elements, allowing visitors to click and drag the athletes for a fully-controllable 360° view, as well as features that allow for zoom and a unique look from both above and below. Our innovative technology was the perfect complement to this amazing project of visionaries.