CES with Nikon

CES rolled out major updates for our Big Freeze 360 camera, showcased within the Nikon booth. The previous year was a huge success, with thousands of CES attendees taking their Nikon360Project frozen moment with our 48-camera slanted setup. We set out to take it up a notch this year, with 96 Nikon D750s, configured elliptically to create a unique helix effect. This innovative system offered frozen moments, virtual captures, and a new hologram action for our thousands of delighted booth visitors. CES-goers were able to experience their unique 360 experience in a whole new way.

In addition to the thousands of captures we produced, Big Freeze also provided a new generation of RFID registration. This faster process not only allowed guests to register more quickly, but also provided a dashboard-style homepage for each user. Here, they could see all of their 360s on one page, simultaneously offering instant and easy access to sharing on their various social media platforms.

CES 2016 just begs the question… What will Nikon and Big Freeze do next?!


Virtual Camera was a big hit with consumers who got creative with their ninja actions.

Frozen Moment with Hologram Effect!

Frozen Moment.