Blizzard Gamescom


From August 17-20th, we packed our bags and headed overseas to Cologne, Germany for the incredible Blizzard Gamescom! With over 345,000 attendees, more than 6,000 journalists, and 700 exhibitors, Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event, in which video game developers reveal upcoming games and fresh gaming content. The most notable attraction, however, is arguably the larger-than-life and beyond-the-imagination costumes, coined with the term cosplay, which Gamescom attendees display at the convention. The cosplay is best akin to performance art, and what better way to exhibit every inch of each character than with a custom Big Freeze array? Our 12-foot system, equipped with 24 Big Freeze cameras, was the perfect creation to host the cosplay-clad Gamescom attendees, showing every divet, every brush stroke, and every contour. Visitors were captured in striking 360-degree frozen motion, preserving the energy and magic of each unique guest. As attendee after attendee left our booth, they were provided with access to their custom content, enabling instant sharing across the 88 countries represented by the event-goers, and perhaps then some. Social sharing analytics reflect over 139,000 shares of these unique effects! The indescribable efforts and artistry of each cosplay designer and Gamescom fan are best depicted by the awe-inspiring 360-degree videos and images of The Big Freeze system, which truly encapsulates the electricity and eccentricity of the event.