AT&T USAG Olympic Gymnastic Trials

ATT Gymnastics Email 3


When the world’s most poised, elegant, and talented gymnasts of all ages and enthusiasts of all kinds gather for one of the most prestigious pre-Olympic prizes in existence, the only thing you can expect is a spectacle. 

Happy spectators and competitors of all shapes and sizes gathered in Greensboro North Carolina to celebrate the infamous American cup, proudly sponsored by AT&T. Guests from all over strutted their stuff in the second shimmering iteration of the ATT FanCam to create an experience they could carry forever.


With top international athletes giving their all on the floor, and starry-eyed dreamers posing like their favorites, there was never time to be bored. 

It was an unforgettable event sponsored by our friends at AT&T and powered by the incredible energy of all the kids and crowds of the very talented fans (with a little help from The Big Freeze of course)