AT&T Live Proud

The Big Freeze was proud to be a part of the 21st annual HRC National Dinner. The Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, hosts a celebration for involvement in the national advocacy organization’s annual workings, and the event takes place in Washington, DC. HRC members, top political figures, A-list entertainers and more attend the evening, and The Big Freeze was thrilled to be a part of the passion. Inspired by the event, we created a custom 13-foot array equipped with 24 cameras and the latest in 360 degree capture technology. The cameras were precisely and uniquely placed, enabling an incredible head-to-toe shot of the guest, as well as a clear view of the eye-catching sponsor branding encircling the system. The enchanting backdrop was studded with stars to create a dreamy encapsulation for the visitors. Such a prestigious gala celebrating a year brimming with accomplishments deserved the best, and The Big Freeze pulled out all the stops to provide an extraordinary system for an extraordinary event.