A Capture is the number of times The Big Freeze system was triggered to take a shot.


This is when a guest engages with the activation and they register to participate, typically with their email address. The User’s numbers represents the total number of registered attendees to the activity.


A Pageview is the number of times a page was visited.

Dashboard Pageview

Big Freeze typically creates a Digital Dashboard where the guest can visit their captured effects. A Dashboard Pageview is the number of times their dashboard page was viewed.

Shared Page Pageviews

A guest may choose to post their effects to Facebook or any other shared site. These numbers represent the number of visits a guest receives to their Shared Page sites.


A Session is a group of interactions that take place within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views. If a guest visits 5 different pages in one sitting it would only count as 1 session. This gives us an idea of how many sittings the experience gained.

Direct Traffic

The Direct Traffic totals are the result of a Pageview visit that comes directly from a link that was not attributed to a referral.


A Referral is when a visit comes directly from a link that was shared and or posted. Example: Facebook Referrals come from when a Shared Post on Facebook was clicked to lead to a visit to our page.

Shares / Shared Button Clicks

When a Shared Button is clicked, it counts as a share. Example: If a visitor clicks Instagram to initiate a download, it is counted as a Share.