Panorama Music Festival

The Big Freeze hooked up with Momemtum Worldwide to bring an unparalleled attraction, to the amazingly high-tech Panorama music festival in New York City. With a stellar lineup boasting such names as Arcade Fire, Sia and LCD Soundsystem, the 3-day event drew incredible crowds of some of the most connected, wired and tech-forward concert-goers imaginable. We created two systems, each equipped with 24 cameras, and enveloped by an ambient graphic of the New York City skyline. The booths were loaded with avant-garde lighting effects, ensuring a futuristic, and visually stunning, slew of luminous neon encasing each visitor in their truly singular frozen motion. Guests were delighted at the opportunity to immediately broadcast their experience across social media platforms, enabled by our user-friendly downloading and sharing options. Panorama is an incredible showcase of unprecedented talent, and our frozen motion with painted light technology was right at home.