One of the most anticipated seasons of fashion, New York Fashion Week is a world-famous institution in the kingdom of couture. Celebrities, designers, fashionistas and socialites flock to New York City to catch as many events as they can, which are trickled far and wide across the city. Legendary fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger debuted his newest collaboration, Tommy x Gigi, alongside supermodel Gigi Hadid with runway shows as well as with an innovative fashion pop-up. Located within The Oculus, a shopping destination in The World Trade Center and an architectural vision, the TOMMYLAND pop-up was erected in the center of the action, and would not have been complete without a custom-designed and built Big Freeze 360° camera array system.

The system was a 12-foot, 24-camera array, with full walls surrounding the action. The walls were splashed with graphics of a vibrant West coast sunset inside, and the spellbinding Gigi Hadid on the outside. The booth graphics and props mirrored the dreamy Americana vibes of the fashion line, creating a cohesive experience deep in the heart of the collaboration’s vision. Four eye-candy monitors encircled the array, showing footage from Hilfiger fashion shows, and further immersing the visitors in the brand’s culture and aesthetic. Tommy Hilfiger models flanked the entryway of the system, eager to hop in and strike a pose with guests. Ample space on the exterior of the booth provided a wealth of potential for client branding, and custom hash tagging for a flourishing social media experience, both for the client and the guest. This feature, coupled with our user-friendly share options, enabled visitors to blast their social media followers with all of the whimsy and charm of the event.

Tommy Land Oculus

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