The has officially arrived!


FreezeBOT is the newest addition to The Big Freeze family and offers state-of-the-art, 6-axis robotic video capture technology. With a radius of only 7 feet from the central pedestal and standing at a mere 8 ½ feet tall, this small, production-friendly footprint means that the FreezeBOT only needs a 2-person crew to operate and is easily transportable, both of which contribute to its cost efficiency and high ease of use. Custom programming creates FreezeBOT choreography to high-speed capture 240 frames per second, which allows for the dramatic slow motion video effects. From red carpets to catwalks, conventions and festivals, FreezeBOT creates an epic impression.

Guests register with their email or phone number, while the FreezeBOT automates and delivers the captured video to the guest in less than 15 seconds. Guests can then use their custom logo-branded video assets for direct social sharing to all of the most popular social sharing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each lively and dynamic capture creates an opportunity for interaction with your brand well past the event, and gives guests the gift of timelessness for an event they won’t soon forget.

Are YOU ready to let us take your activation from awesome to epic with FreezeBOT, the ultimate modern marvel? Have you ever considered using a state-of-the-art robot to capture guest experiences and create interaction with your brand but felt limited by cost, set-up time, and difficulty of production? FreezeBOT is production-friendly, cost-efficient and a snap to put up front and center of your next event. If you are looking for your activation game changer, contact us today to learn more about what FreezeBOT and The Big Freeze Robotics can do for you.