The Big Freeze is now in Italy, Australia and Canada

Justice League Premiere


The Big Freeze joined another star-studded red carpet, this time alongside a gang of superheroes for the highly anticipated Justice League premier in Los Angeles. The custom-built super system was 13 feet wide and equipped with 24 cameras, ready to take on all of the red carpet heroes and villains. Life-sized wall panels depicting the movie’s A-list cast surrounded each guest as they struck their most comic book worthy stances, frozen in time to be shared across social media far and wide. Share they did, as guests shared their images over 400 times from the Big Freeze gallery website, which was created entirely for the exclusive event. With the event branding taking center stage, the user-friendly site generated upwards of 7800 page views, ensuring an ample reach way beyond the event attendees. When assembling a team of people with special abilities, The Big Freeze fits right in.

CMA Awards

The Big Freeze packed our bags and headed to Nashville to be a part of the 51st annual CMA Awards, the longest running annual music awards show on network television, building our system right into the thick of the action on the red carpet. The kings and queens of country music, including Little Big Town, Midland, Kelsea Ballerini, Pink and more, enthusiastically made their way right into The Big Freeze, where they twirled, jumped and do-si-doed as we captured their every moment in stunning 360° frozen motion. The custom-designed and built signature 15-foot Big Freeze array contained 48 cameras to flatter every brilliant detail on each glamorous guest. The system effects were thoughtfully timed to ensure that the sets branding was highlighted in each and every frame. Working with premier entertainment marketing agency FlyteVu, the system was draped with lux crystals and bohemian hanging flower panels to set the scene for the A-list guests and their elaborate couture and cowboy hats to shine. Easy and instant access to the captures with our functional social media sharing options enabled celebrities, such as Rascal Flatts, and their guests to share their experience with their fans, continuing the buzz of the event long after the show wraps.


AT&T Live Proud

The Big Freeze was proud to be a part of the 21st annual HRC National Dinner. The Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, hosts a celebration for involvement in the national advocacy organization’s annual workings, and the event takes place in Washington, DC. HRC members, top political figures, A-list entertainers and more attend the evening, and The Big Freeze was thrilled to be a part of the passion. Inspired by the event, we created a custom 13-foot array equipped with 24 cameras and the latest in 360 degree capture technology. The cameras were precisely and uniquely placed, enabling an incredible head-to-toe shot of the guest, as well as a clear view of the eye-catching sponsor branding encircling the system. The enchanting backdrop was studded with stars to create a dreamy encapsulation for the visitors. Such a prestigious gala celebrating a year brimming with accomplishments deserved the best, and The Big Freeze pulled out all the stops to provide an extraordinary system for an extraordinary event.



Jeep On The Rocks 2017

Red Rocks Amphitheater, once listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is the ultimate backdrop for The Big Freeze system. Mind-blowing red sandstone cliffs, thousands of feet high, surround the national historic landmark, so ExperienceSix and The Big Freeze created an immersive guest destination that united the majesty of mother nature with the innovation of our 180° frozen motion technology. Pumped and exuberant, 21st Century rock legend band Weezer fans poured into the Jeep-branded Red Rocks experience, ready to flip, kick and rock out for the 48-camera, custom-built Big Freeze system. The animated crowd was ablaze, posting and sharing their unique content across all social media platforms, gaining an impressive 46 page visits per share, and sharing close to 600 captures from the event URL alone. Fans continue to share their branded images all over social media, reliving their epic experience for weeks, months, even years to come!



Jeep on the Rocks Panoramic.jpg Jeep 2017 RED Rocks 1


Milan Fashion Week is the essential event within the world of fashion, and we are honored to have been a part of the celebration. The Swarovski Crystal Wonderland party was held in the magnificent and historical Villa Gernetto, and our Big Freeze system was right at home at the swank red carpet event.

The lustrous, custom-built system was designed with opulence and elegance in every detail. The 12-foot, glittering array was swathed in 24 cameras to capture every glimmer from every angle. To take the decadence to another level, 300 strands of 50 Swarovski crystals per strand surrounded the system, allowing each luminary inside to be enveloped by 15,000 of the world’s finest crystals. Super models, fashion icons and Milano elite glided into the crystalized array and used the runway as inspiration to pose and prance, all while our custom-camera configuration captured all of the dynamism. With video effects that are available on demand, and a custom hashtag, #brillianceforall, guests and fans alike are able to track and share all of the action through social media, ensuring that the party lives on long after the lights go down. Trés chic, or should we say molto astuto!

ESPY Awards 2017

We are honored to have spent our 4th year on the Red Carpet with ESPN at the 2017 ESPY Awards, recognizing excellence and achievement in sports-related performance. The star-studded red carpet, which was broadcasted live, welcomed the biggest stars in popular sports donned in their most spectacular accouterments. Sports idols shined for the press, paparazzi and fans as they made their way to our epic Capital One Quicksilver Cam. With ample space for branding both inside and outside of the custom-built 360° system, powerful brand graphics made an impact on not only the award show attendees, but also on the millions of viewers tuned in from home. Olympic athletes, including Final Five gymnasts Aly Raisman and Laurie Hernandez, rubbed elbows with NBA All-Stars and MVPs past and present, race-car drivers, pro-ballers, WWE superstars and special award recipients as they stepped into and out of the Big Freeze system. Former QB Jesse Palmer leapt in the air as our circuit of cameras captured and froze his every angle, while 2017 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook chose a stoic pose to capture all the details of his mod fashions. The Big Freeze system extracted each dazzling personality, freezing them in stunning frozen motion, ready and able to share across the winds of social media. Stars and fans were buzzing with delight over the shared images, and the captures live on with each and every “like.”

Final Four 2017


The NCAA Final Four is the epic conclusion to March Madness, one of the most celebrated annual sporting events in the United States. With a colossal fan base and constant media coverage, guests far and wide flock to the acclaimed event, both in-person and through buzzing social media channels. The Big Freeze was thrilled to see a huge chunk of the action at the Final Four Fan Fest! We created a 15-foot, 24-camera system, which produced a roomy interior for an ample amount of cunning ball play for the guest, and a wealth of branding space for the client. Our custom-built, boldly branded acrylic walls were designed with perforated vinyl, enabling both guests inside and outside the setup to experience the action happening within the enclosed system. Fans were able to strut their stuff in style, busting out their most impressive basketball skills as The Big Freeze system immortalized their swagger in stunning 360° frozen motion. As soon as each of the thousands of guests captured stepped out of the system, they were zealously utilizing our user-friendly share options to get their one-of-a-kind image out to their followers.

TV One Cam


During the highly publicized and anticipated award season, TV One presented the 48th annual NAACP Image Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center on historic Garden Street, and The Big Freeze was the perfect compliment to the star-studded red carpet. We created a completely unique system for the prestigious event, a 13-foot array with the newest Nikon D750 Big Freeze cameras, strategically anchored low to the ground to offer an exciting POV, spotlighting the celebrity guest list. A 12-foot truss draped in twinkling LED fabric haloed the system, creating the ethereal illusion of Stars amongst the stars. Each elegant elite was filmed in real time, slow motion and frozen moment to add some serious drama to each and every capture.

Torrential rains were not enough to disturb the smooth production. Social media sharing was as accessible as ever, leading to nearly 8,000 page views on our site during the 2-hour event, and an exuberance of capture sharing across social media accounts far and wide.


One of the most anticipated seasons of fashion, New York Fashion Week is a world-famous institution in the kingdom of couture. Celebrities, designers, fashionistas and socialites flock to New York City to catch as many events as they can, which are trickled far and wide across the city. Legendary fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger debuted his newest collaboration, Tommy x Gigi, alongside supermodel Gigi Hadid with runway shows as well as with an innovative fashion pop-up. Located within The Oculus, a shopping destination in The World Trade Center and an architectural vision, the TOMMYLAND pop-up was erected in the center of the action, and would not have been complete without a custom-designed and built Big Freeze 360° camera array system.

The system was a 12-foot, 24-camera array, with full walls surrounding the action. The walls were splashed with graphics of a vibrant West coast sunset inside, and the spellbinding Gigi Hadid on the outside. The booth graphics and props mirrored the dreamy Americana vibes of the fashion line, creating a cohesive experience deep in the heart of the collaboration’s vision. Four eye-candy monitors encircled the array, showing footage from Hilfiger fashion shows, and further immersing the visitors in the brand’s culture and aesthetic. Tommy Hilfiger models flanked the entryway of the system, eager to hop in and strike a pose with guests. Ample space on the exterior of the booth provided a wealth of potential for client branding, and custom hash tagging for a flourishing social media experience, both for the client and the guest. This feature, coupled with our user-friendly share options, enabled visitors to blast their social media followers with all of the whimsy and charm of the event.

Tommy Land Oculus

hilfiger thumbnail

Memorial Hermann Super Bowl Tiny World

MH Set Up

The Big Freeze is proud to present our newest enterprise, Big Freeze Tiny World! The unique, 6-ft wide, dome-topped array is encapsulated with a seamless compositing screen, enabling us to create a backdrop attuned to any and every wild imagination. Tiny World made its debut at Super Bowl LIVE, a ten-day, fan-centric celebration of Super Bowl LI, hosted in Downtown Houston, Texas at Discovery Green. Fans were delighted to enter the system in curiosity, and leave with a one-of-a-kind image from their very own Tiny World. As guests danced, hopped and twirled in the array, our innovative 3D composited world was being digitally inserted into their effects, all in live time. Visitors were tickled to check out their 360°s, captivated by their personalized image within a 3D graphic model of downtown Houston, with the one and only Memorial Hermann as the visual spotlight. The custom fish-eye viewpoint gives a fascinating twist on the typical 360° frozen motion effect. While the Houston skyline was a huge hit in the Super Bowl fan village, with over 47,000 page views, Big Freeze Tiny World is entirely customizable based on the desires of each individual client. Tiny World may be tiny, but it certainly packs a Big Freeze punch.

Nikon Axis


The Big Freeze Worldwide Presents: AXIS !

The Big Freeze is proud to welcome AXIS to our prolific lineup of custom camera array systems. Launched at the acclaimed CES 2017, AXIS served as an epic attraction for over 165,000 attendees and thousands of exhibitors for the week of January 5-8. We partnered with Nikon for the event to showcase the boundless capabilities of the incredible new AXIS.

While AXIS is proficient at the virtual camera capabilities performed by the single-array Big Freeze systems, the newest array’s intelligence travels above and beyond. AXIS uses 3 tiers of cameras, with camera counts ranging from 72 to 144 cameras, to capture 3 unique points-of-view for each individual snap. This technology allows for trailblazing interactive features, as each guest is able to swipe up, down and all around as they view their images on their smart device, showing a frame-accurate rotation from any of the POV captures.

Social media has echoed the CES excitement, with nearly 60,000 page views and over 5,000 individual shares and counting, the buzz spreads far and wide beyond the convention as guests continue to enjoy our fast, effortless and straightforward social media sharing features.


Kia Cadenza


Lights, Camera… Action! The Big Freeze teamed up with Kia Motors to deliver an avant-garde and imaginative film noir-inspired set to debut the new Kia Cadenza and celebrate The New York Times Magazine L.A. Noir themed Great Performers 2016 issue. The innovative experience was constructed to surround each guest and viewer with an Old Hollywood style movie set. Our custom-built, 3-section system was equipped with twelve cameras and designed with a Big Freeze Virtual Camera setting which composed a charming, period-inspired stop motion effect. The set was engineered at a lower height to enable a capture right in the thick of the action, adding to the film noir grandeur of the event. 1940’s-inspired costuming and props were available to the stars of the scene to ensure their seamless coordination within the unique vintage experience. A marquee mounted within the set broadcasted each guest’s name with a movie-like flair as they posed and preened, assuring that every visitor experienced their due bask in the limelight. Our quick and user-friendly social sharing accessibility allowed for event-goers to instantly share their experience far and wide across the social media universe. L.A. Noir glamour and magic abound, this set has settled that vintage is a great look for The Big Freeze.

Jeep on the Rocks

The Big Freeze was honored to join Jeep and Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater to celebrate 75 years of Jeep and Red Rocks. One of the most beautiful concert venues in the world, and once listed as a Seven Wonder, Red Rocks has hosted music’s most renowned acts, including The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and U2, and now The Big Freeze can be a part of that long list of music royalty. Bands Bastille and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness drew an excited and effervescent crowd as we celebrated the summer concert series. We created an epic 48-camera, 180-degree, 20-foot diameter array, positioned on a ramp angle from 8-feet to 2-feet to capture all of the magnificent detail of the natural wonder surrounding us. Guests bounced and flipped alongside a rugged white 75th Anniversary edition Jeep Wrangler jutting out against a backdrop of dramatic, towering, red sandstone rocks. As fast as the sweet sounds of music travelled throughout the acoustically perfect amphitheater, visitor captures travelled to the corners of the world with our easily accessible and instant social sharing options. Page views from the event are over 5,000 and counting, and fans are still sharing their Big Freeze experience with their favorite social media platforms, helping us affirm the majesty of the event.


AT&T 1Powell

Processed with Snapseed.

AT&T has opened its largest retail store to date, at 1 Powell Street in San Francisco, California, and The Big Freeze was thrilled to be in the center of the action for the opening celebration. With 24,000 square feet of retail space, the new West Coast flagship location is the ultimate juxtaposition, as it resides inside the bones of one of San Francisco’s oldest buildings, yet is filled with a glimpse of the future in tech and the ever-growing interconnected world. The store was lionized in Union Square, amongst the hustle and bustle of the vibrant community. Nestled under the canopy of San Francisco’s most historic buildings, our custom 12-foot 24-camera system lay in the heart of the liveliness and oneness that is one of the most eclectic downtowns in the world. Foot traffic reflected visitors from far and wide, each guest an integral part of Union Square’s incredible diversity. Visitors were bubbling with excitement as their leaps, twirls and tricks were captured with our stunning 360° frozen motion technology. Custom links were generated immediately to allow guests to share their unique image on their favorite social media platforms, and share they did, helping to demonstrate the success of the event.

Walk up view of the 360


Target at NMAAHC



One of the most historic and significant cultural events in recent memory, the Grand Opening Weekend of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) was a joyous event not to be missed. We were deeply honored to team up with Target to be a prominent attraction for the Dedication Ceremony through the Freedom Sounds Festival, nestled right in the action as President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush sang the significance of the momentous occasion. Such an epic event can only draw an epic crowd, so we custom-designed and built two 10-foot 360° systems, each housing a whopping 24 Big Freeze cameras, running simultaneously to meet the appeal of the celebration. Attendees were all smiles, bursting with pride and infectious energy, and our one-of-a-kind technology captured the brilliant vibrancy of each unique guest in stunning frozen motion. Visitor captures are made immediately accessible, allowing for instant social sharing across all major platforms, a feature taken full advantage of by guests as we reach 60K shares and counting. Truly an event for the books, we are beyond proud to be making history with the NMAAHC!


Blizzard Gamescom


From August 17-20th, we packed our bags and headed overseas to Cologne, Germany for the incredible Blizzard Gamescom! With over 345,000 attendees, more than 6,000 journalists, and 700 exhibitors, Gamescom is the world’s largest gaming event, in which video game developers reveal upcoming games and fresh gaming content. The most notable attraction, however, is arguably the larger-than-life and beyond-the-imagination costumes, coined with the term cosplay, which Gamescom attendees display at the convention. The cosplay is best akin to performance art, and what better way to exhibit every inch of each character than with a custom Big Freeze array? Our 12-foot system, equipped with 24 Big Freeze cameras, was the perfect creation to host the cosplay-clad Gamescom attendees, showing every divet, every brush stroke, and every contour. Visitors were captured in striking 360-degree frozen motion, preserving the energy and magic of each unique guest. As attendee after attendee left our booth, they were provided with access to their custom content, enabling instant sharing across the 88 countries represented by the event-goers, and perhaps then some. Social sharing analytics reflect over 139,000 shares of these unique effects! The indescribable efforts and artistry of each cosplay designer and Gamescom fan are best depicted by the awe-inspiring 360-degree videos and images of The Big Freeze system, which truly encapsulates the electricity and eccentricity of the event.